Shadowrun - T.I.D.E.

Session 1 (Oct. 17, 2015)

I'm feeling like a criminal

I’m feeling like a criminal

Session 1 (Oct. 17, 2015)

Game events start evening of June 4, 2076 and end morning of June 6, 2076.

Player Characters.

Leo: Human Mage (Andrew Dombroski)
Maverick: Human Face (Bill Johnson)
Wrench: Human Rigger (Mark Gellar)
Tex: Dwarf Decker (Steve Cavelle)
Fiver: Human Adept (Aaron Shefield)

Five individuals, all desperate enough for money to try shadowrunning, are offered a job via a fixer they all know, named Lenny Morrison. They are directed to meet Mr. Johnson in a warehouse on the edge of the Puyallup district.

Meeting each other outside the backdoor of the warehouse the five proceed in to find the location mostly empty except for a couple of boxes, a beat up Bulldog Step Van and a desk with seven chairs arranged in front of it. Behind he desk sat a tall dark hared man who greeted them as Mr. Johnson. He offered them the following job.

On Saturday, June 6th Total Reality Management, a company dedicated to sculpting virtual reality objects and landscapes for major corporations, was going to be in possession of the source programing for the next generation of Ford, an Ares subsidiary, vehicles. TRMs lead designer, Vincent Morano, was going to do the final detail work on the finished software. The file was going to be physically delivered for security reasons and four Knight Errant guards were going to be on hand the entire time. The group was asked to do an extraction of both Morano and the source files and is offered 2,000¥ upfront and an additional 2,000¥ upon completion. Both files and designer are to be delivered to the same warehouse by Sunday evening.

Mr. Johnson explained that both Ares and Mitsuhama Computer Technologies regularly used TRM for final touches and Morano was considered the best in the business for matrix design. Both companies were looking to buy TRM outright and were in a bidding war that MCT was in a position to win. If the group managed to get the software and the lead designer TRM would be in a bad position and would likely end up having forfeited their contract, resulting in Ares being able to snap up the company in the court proceedings. Without Morano MCT would most likely lose interest in acquiring MCT.

The group accepts the job after Maverick successfully raises the completion pay to 3,000¥. They are also given a box containing guns and armor and are loaned the Bulldog, an armed Roto-Drone and a Microdeck Summit cyberdeck. The loaners are still have ownership registered to the Johnson and would be trackable if not returned. They are offered the use of the warehouse to do planning in but elect to move to a nearby flophouse, the Blues Brothers Inn, to do their planning.

Matrix searches along with astral and drone scouting reveal minimal security in the Auburn office building that houses TRM. They share the building with three other companies. Amalgamated Dentistry takes up the first two floors, Mathias Consulting has the entire third floor, TRM takes up floors four through eight and the final two floors are occupied by Nelson, Nelson and Mathews associates, Attorneys At Law. Hard Corps has the security contract four the building and the group decides to sneak in disguised as HC guards.

The day before the run is to happen Tex hacks the HC host, hardwiring himself to one of the locks on an emergency door of the target building. He slips a work log entry for the group for in the HC files and, noticing that MCT was doing a similar physical delivery to TRM fifteen minutes after the Ares delivery was to happen, he deleted the MCT delivery from the file. (For some reason the players seemed to think that security companies would get into a fire fight over a scheduling issue.) The group also used Lenny to get ok copies of HC uniforms and got one of Wrench’s contacts, Orthalek, to paint the van in HC livery.

At 8:10 that morning the group drove into the underground parking garage, hacking the gate to let them in. An additional hack let them use the main elevator to get to the reception area of TRM. Meanwhile Wrench sent the roto-drone to “fly casually” near the windows of the TRM offices in case the group needed backup, they’d noticed that the windows were not bulletproof. In that area they found the head of the Knight Errant guards, who were delivering the package, talking to Amanda Laverham, the pretty receptionist whom Maverick had set his sights on seducing when he saw her during the drone scouting. Maverick managed to intimidate the KE lieutenant when he sneered at the groups HC uniforms. Unfortunately Amanda was confused by the groups arrival as she could not remember a request for any additional security. Maverick’s attempts to con her into opening the private elevator to the rest of the offices were cut short when the roto-drone fired through the window, hitting Amanda and killing her instantly. Fiver managed to put a bullet through the drone, destroying it, and the others prepared themselves to take advantage of the confusion as Tex hacked the elevator open.

That’s where the session ended.



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