Shadowrun - T.I.D.E.

Session 2 (Oct. 24, 2015)

Right Place, Wrong Time

I’d of said the right thing
But I must have used the wrong line

Session 2 (Oct. 24, 2015)

Game events start and end morning of June 6, 2076.

Player Characters.

Leo: Human Mage (Andrew Dombroski)
Maverick: Human Face (Bill Johnson)
Wrench: Human Rigger (Mark Gellar)
Tex: Dwarf Decker (Steve Cavelle)
Fiver: Human Adept (Aaron Shefield)

Taking up where the last session left off.

Using the confusion of the drone’s attack on Amanda Laverham the group squeezed into the elevator, joined by one of the Knight Errant Guards who’s returning to his post. The trip up proceeds smoothly with Maverick continuing to allay the KE guard’s suspicions. The guard receives a message, easily detected by all in the elevator, and becomes extremely nervous around the group. Leo performed a control thoughts spell, successfully, upon the guard and the threat is neutralized.

The opening of the elevator revealed an empty hallway, ending in a T-junction, with one door open towards the end. An argument is heard coming from the open door and the group proceeds, towards the door. Fiver, running, reaches the door first. A KE guard fires at Fiver from the open door, the shots go wild. A beast spirit then barrels from right hand side of the T junction and attacks Fiver doing a good deal of stun damage. Leo summons his on call air spirit and sends it to use noxious breath on both the Spirit and guard. Tex sees a dark figure, in virtual reality, attempting to disable the group’s weapons. Retreating to the safety of the elevator, which was locked open, Tex goes full VR to deal with the rival decker. Fiver’s weapon focus makes quick work of the spirit and Maverick finishes off the guard. Tex drives off the shadowy hacker.

Simultaneously with all that Wrench, who is still in the van with a combat drone patrolling outside, sees a door to the emergency stairs open and a man in a suit comes out. He has an armored jacket over his suit and is wielding an assault rifle. The figure damages the combat drone but is quickly cut down.

Vincent Morano, the group’s target, is frightened and confused but agrees to go with the runners according to the plan. They make a hasty run down the emergency stairs, killing a KE guard who was running up it at the same time. Piling into the van the group leaves the area and proceeds to the drop off point. An unmarked car follows for a bit but Wrench is able to lose it in the morning traffic.

While on the way Wrench convinces the rest that he was not responsible for he drones attack and that it did it on some orders built within it. Tex notes that when Amanda Laverham died a part of Tex’s loaner deck’s code deleted itself, leaving no trace of whatever that code was for. The entire group figures that the Johnson must be responsible and that the murder must be the real purpose of the run, they arrive at the warehouse of the meet with expectations of not finding the Johnson. Tex also informs them that the unknown decker was physically in the offices of Mathias Consulting and that the person attacking Wrench’s drone was also a Mathias employee.

When they drive into the warehouse and pile out they find the body of the Johnson dead behind his desk, they also see a sniper rifle, not the murder weapon, in a case under the desk. Seconds later the sound of a VTOL craft is suddenly right over head, without any approaching sound, the glass in some skylights shatter as men in unmarked, light security armor zip line down and surround them with heavy weapons. A large fire elemental manifests at the same time.

Most of the group surrenders immediately, Maverick almost fires but manages to restrain himself. They are surrounded and two others are dragged in because they were watching the warehouse. A man and woman in expensive, Italian, business suits enter, the woman busily working with the Fairlight Excalibur she is holding. The man surveys the group with his fury in his eyes. His voice holds a trace of an accent as he lambasts the group.

The man states that the run they just did had extra repercussions. Apparently one of the other companies in the building was a front for a “listening post” for some corporation’s spy agency. The people manning the post sent out a distress signal, which caused hidden security forces of the man’s corporation to leave their normal location and head for the office. Once this happened another facility, that these security forces were first responders for, was raided and a valuable item was stolen.

The woman reminds the man that they don’t have much time to deal with the theft, as the strike team is due at another location in a half hour. The group attempts to placate the man by saying that they’ll get the item back. However he does not trust them and has them injected with a Nano cocktail that will kill them in three days if a code is not sent to the nanobots. The two extras, who had apparently been hired to come in if the group threatened the Johnson, were not excluded from this injection.

Maverick had been growing increasingly petulant, seemingly not realizing how little leverage he had he kept interrupting the man and complaining about how they had nothing to do with his lost package. When the injections started happening he struggled and when the needle approached him said, “If you’re not going to trust us then just kill me!” The man obliged him and Mavericks bullet riddled corpse lay on the floor.

The man informed everyone that the code would be sent if the group could give convincing evidence of where the missing box, which apparently includes 50kg of plutonium, was located and who had it. He went on to say that if the group could get the box back then he would not only spare their lives he would help avert the legal repercussions of the killings during the original run. The box was stolen from a small company called Smithson Research. They could get access to the facility but he advised them that finding out who was ultimately responsible for the TRM run might be more profitable. He leaves taking Vincent Morano with him; the group over hears him offering Morano a new position in Bremen.



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