Shadowrun - T.I.D.E.

Session 3 (Oct. 31, 2015)

Since then I've been running around trying to find you

Sorry for the Delay in posting this.

Since then I’ve been running around trying to find you

Game events start and end the day of June 6, 2076.

Player Characters.

Leo: Human Mage (Andrew Dombroski)
Keryth: Human Gun Adept (Bill Johnson)
Wrench: Human Rigger (Mark Gellar)
Tex: Dwarf Decker (Steve Cavelle)
Fiver: Human Sword Adept (Aaron Shefield)
Tikal: Troll Combat Mage (Erik Tiernan)

Facing a countdown clock, which ends with their deaths, the group rushes to gather information. A list of information on their original Johnson, real name William Flahrety, proves that Flahrety was friends with the murdered secretaries husband. Being that the police are questioning him at this time, the group leaves that connection to later. Do to their new Johnson’s influence they are able to get the security footage of the theft.

An outside camera shows a large truck arrive at the Research Facility and disgorge around fifteen people with assault rifles and armor but with mismatched, ratty clothes. The groups figures that the people on screen are probably gangers.

While Wrench desperately fixes his one, beloved, combat drone the others work through their contacts. With dogged persistence they manage to discover that a group of Cutters, a large Seattle gang, had recently been seen sporting new, military grade, gear. They were apparently striking out on their own and had recently eliminated a small gang in Puyallup that had been running a brothel out of an old abandoned elementary school on the edge of the ash-fields.

Hoping that this is the same group that raided the Research Facility they took off to see if they were still holed up at the former school. Reaching the place they found the entrances blocked up with debris, piled from inside. Fearing to try to push through the piles of trash and boards half the group held action while the others tried to nock it down with bullets. An earth elemental burst through, leaving a hole and attacked the group. Fiver, who had held action, managed to destroy it quickly. Seeing gangers inside, prepped to attack the group, the other who had held action started firing while an enemy hacker tried to disable Wrench’s drone.

This ended the session.



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