Shadowrun - T.I.D.E.

Session 4 (Nov. 7, 2015)

So meet me at the mission at midnight We'll divy up there

So meet me at the mission at midnight
We’ll divy up there

Game events starts the evening of June 6, 2076 and ends midafternoon June 7.

Player Characters.

Leo: Human Mage (Andrew Dombroski)
Keryth: Human Gun Adept (Bill Johnson)
Wrench: Human Rigger (Mark Gellar)
Tex: Dwarf Decker (Steve Cavelle) [Player Absent]
Fiver: Human Sword Adept (Aaron Shefield)
Tikal: Troll Combat Mage (Erik Tiernan) [Player Absent]

Play starts mid combat round. See previous session for the buildup.

Gangers start to shoot through the opening in the wall. Fiver takes damage from several shooters but manages to retreat out of site. Keryth and Leo take out some gangers but a fire elemental almost kills Leo in return. Fiver manages to kill the elemental but takes damage from it’s fire aura. Wrench’s drone, with Wrench jumped in,manages to kill another but is destroyed by return fire and Wrench takes damage from dumpshock.

As the battle hangs in the balance several injured gangers start running, the route becomes general until just one ganger is alive and still in the fight. While Fiver holds his sword to the remaining gangers throat Keryth pours gunfire into him, bringing the ganger to the edge of death. They stabilize their prisoner and proceed to search the rest of the building.

They find a crate with the name of the research company on it. The box is two meters by two meter by five meters and is too large for the group to lift or fit into the Bulldog van. The box also puts out a positive, magical background count that is counteracting the natural negative count that the building had picked up as a low quality whorehouse.

Using the contact information given to them by their new employer, they reach Magpie, who is seemingly in the middle of a firefight. She tells the group to secure the package and that she and her boss will be by to pick it up the next day. Calling his wife, the Ancients gang member Serena, Keryth arranges for a flatbed truck, with a load lifter, to come and pick it up, They also get some Ancients to ride Guard detail and they move the package to an abandoned Auto Repair shop on the Auburn/Puyallup border.

Healing the ganger brings him around and they interrogate him. He seems to have lost any fight and gives them the following information.

He blames everything on a woman named Jenna Soulis, one of the rare elven members of the Cutters. She’s a Mystic Adept who apparently has new friends. They’ve supplied her with the weapons and have paid for her to attend the University of Seattle. They are the ones who want what’s in the crate. Soulis had been at the school but had never showed herself and her friends were scheduled to pick up the package in two days. The ganger, whos street name is Bane, doesn’t know who her friends are.

A little research by the group finds that Soulis is attending the school under her own name and the money comes from the Xavier Richards memorial fund. The fund is supporting approximately twenty students in magical studies in several UCAS cities. They also find her public address that the school has. The group decides not to try to capture her themselves, instead they wait on their employer.

The employer, who asks the group to call him Scale, is impressed that they managed to recover the box. Opening the box reveals a large, black lozenge with silvery tracery all over it and scientific monitors on one end. Magpie checks the readouts and report that the plutonium was still inside and that the “enhanced half-life effect” was still in place. The group gives Scale all the information that they found.

The “Deus Juice” nanites are disabled and Scale says he’ll arrange for the murder investigation to not lead back to the group. He also says he will give their names to a more trustworthy fixer he knows. According to him Lenny Morrison, the groups current fixer, specializes in sacrificial runners. He promises the group that Cowboy, the fixer he knows, will contact them in a few days. The group takes their leave of the repair shop and proceeds to sell the pay data that they were originally sent for to an MCT contact.

The session ended their.

The players received

6 Karma for the run
40,000¥ each from the paydata sale
1 Street Rep. which puts their street rep at one.



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