Character Creation and Some Rules information.

Character creation will be as the core rulebook for Shadowrun Fifth Edition. We’ll be using the standard priority system modified by the street-play rules found on page 64 of the book. Please note the changes to the resources column and the lowered amount of karma with this system.

Also note that the maximums for Positive and Negative qualities is 13. All qualities in the main book, that are less than 13 points, are available. Qualities from other books are on a case by case basis, with “no” being the default answer. Some verboten qualities include, Fame, Friends in High Places, Made Man, Privileged Family Name and Paraplegic.

Character backgrounds are up to the player with the following Guidelines.

  • You are not Famous.
  • For whatever reason you are either out on the streets or are about to be. (Maximum Low Lifestyle)
  • Someone, a friend or acquaintance has let you know that Lenny Morrison, a low level fixer, is looking for new talent in the shadows. (Not the greatest person in the shadows but a step towards greater, illegal, things.)
  • You should have a legitimate reason to have your skills. (Ex security guard for weapons training, Training from a street mage or technical training that spun off into hacking.)

Starting gear is all from the main book with the street-play availability rating strictly enforced. As a gentle hint, SKILLS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN GEAR. Gear can and will be lost, damaged and destroyed during play. Getting arrested and released will not get you back the Panther Assault Cannon you were carrying around and acid damage to your armor is difficult to repair.

After much soul searching I have decided to go with the classic “Essence Hole” version of cyberware replacement for simplicities sake. So removing your skill wires will allow you to get those cyber arms you were lusting after. After character creation surgery roles will be needed for implantation, which I will make in public, glitches and critical glitches will be possible. So I highly advise paying for a better grade of street doc.

More notes to follow as they come to me.

Character Creation and Some Rules information.

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