The following contacts are available at the start of the campaign. Custom Characters can be added at the GMs discretion. The contacts connection ratings are fixed but still cost contact points at character creation. Acquiring contacts during play is, of course, a role playing event.

Acid Burn: Connected 3
Female Dwarf: Heavily Modified and seriously twisted Acid Burn is the main hardware tech for the Reality Hackers, a gang specializing in Matrix Crimes. She can seemingly get her hands on all types of commlinks, cyberdecks and accessories and has connections with several Cyber Surgeons in the Plex. With no fixed address she can only be tracked down through the Matrix.

Jerry Caliand: Connected 2
Male, Dwarf changeling: John is a talented programmer and virtual environment sculptor working for an EVO subsidiary called Digital Organics. He knows almost everybody in the software world from most of the local businesses and also in the darker reaches of the digital shadows. However he is very loyal to EVO, after all, who else would hire an emaciated dwarf covered in brown fur with a three foot, prehensile tail. Has an apartment in one of the higher-class Tacoma neighborhoods.

Larry Chesterton: Connections 3.
Male Human. Working a table in Puyallup’s infamous “Crime Mall.” If you need weapons or armor that lacks RFID tags, he’s the one to see.

Thomas (Glass Eye) Corey: Connections 2.
Rough looking Orc who works in Federated/Boeing’s drone development department. He also is known to sell drone parts and complete drones off the books.

Elton Farnsworth: Connections 2.
Human Male. An aging, ex-Star and now Knight Errant officer. Now that he’s graduated from KE’s retraining center he’s been assigned as a weapons instructor at the Academy in Renton. He knows all the ex-stars that were rehired in Seattle.

Papa Gumbo: Connections 2,
Human Male. An aging black man, with a heavy N’awlins accent, he runs Papa’s Lore Store Just off the Tacoma docks. Because of the heavy Wuxing presence on the docks in recent years he carries materials for Mages, Shamans and Wu’Jens.

Delilah Jones: Connections 4
Female Troll. She owns and operates the Red Grenadine, a shotgun bar in Puyallup that’s a hangout for Orcs, Trolls and the occasional Dwarf. Seemingly knows everyone in Puyallup and in Auburn.

Yvonne LeMare: Connections 3.
Dwarf Female. An attractive dwarf, Yvonne works for Federated/Boeing in their Auburn Facility as executive assistant to Mark Fiorentino, Director of Maintanence. She’s on a first name basis with most of the secretaries in Auburn and a good chunk of Seattle.

Evelyn O’Connor: Connections 3.
Human Female. One of the numerous minions of Human Resources inhabiting the downtown admin building of the University of Seattle. If you need to know something with an academic bent, she knows who to talk to. Also seems to know which corporations are involved in which research projects.

Orlethek: Connected 1
Male Troll: A lieutenant in the Spikes Go-Gang, Orthelek, which means bloody handed in Or-Zet, is surprisingly easy going for a troll. Currently involved in a chop shop operation in Tacoma.

Yuri Orlov: Connected 3
Male Human: Once a high end weapons dealer Yuri has fallen on hard times. Even though he no longer trades in Tanks and Planes he can still get the guns. He also seems to know everyone in the underworld.

Penguin: Connections 3
Male Troll: Once a freelance bodyguard and now working temp jobs as a bouncer Penguin has come down in the world. Rumor has it that he was an up and coming bodyguard until his first Corp job ended with the principal’s wife dead by a stray bullet from Penguins gun. No one will hire him with that black mark on his record. He’s working now on scraping up the gear to get into bounty hunting.

Chang Po: Connected 2
Male Elf: Owner and chief teacher of the Golden Crane Dojo in Puyallup. Knows many martial arts and is thought to be a high level initiate, adept. Seems to know every trainer of any martial art in the city.

He is known by Fiver to be the head of the Golden Crane Society, a magical society dedicated to teaching physical combat arts.

Dr. Vivian Powers: Connections 1.
Female Elf doctor who works out of Community General in Auburn. Her private office has a hidden surgery where she’s willing to work under the table and is rumored to be more than competent at cyber and bioware implantation. An old robbery attempt left her with a crisscross of facial scars, which explains her street name of Dr. Francisstein.

Serena Sunhair: Connections 2
Female Elf. A beautiful elven lady, who also happens to be one of the Ancients nastiest combat bikers. Proud that she’s not some gangers joygirl and happy to break any other member who thinks she should “know her place.”

Dianna Tregarde: Connections 3,
Human Female. She runs the Bell Bookend, a Wiccan oriented lore store in Puyallup on the edge of the Puyallup district. Most of the visible items for sale are gimmicks for tourists. The real stuff, of any tradition, is available with special arrangements. Rumor has her as a retired combat mage.


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